Install A New Outlet In The Home

Today we want and need more power outlets or, as many know, plugs. We use them to connect our cell phone chargers and tablets to connect computers, televisions, and home appliances. It is not surprising that we want to install a new plug; its installation is not complicated, it is very simple, and we can offer you the necessary steps to carry out this work with your own hands. Before doing it, make sure with an electricity specialist that the contracted power is what you need; if it is not and you connect more devices than allowed, it will jump.

When installing a new outlet, the wiring work is simple; it is recommended that an electrician observe the final task if you are a newcomer doing this installation. If you are already an expert, it is probably unnecessary.

Steps to get a new plug

First, you must have the necessary materials for the installation, which are: an outlet base box with its cover, a metal chisel, putty to fill holes, an electrician’s screwdriver, pliers, a carpenter’s knife, protective glasses, protective gloves, and a level.

Having all the materials, you must turn off the electricity source so that no damage occurs. Check electrical connections for ground, neutral, and live current.

After carrying out the previous step, you must place the new double box inside the hole in the wall, if necessary, enlarge it so that it fits perfectly with the level check that it is straight.

When the box is perfect, you should start with the wiring; it must be adjusted to the correct one to work as it should. As soon as it is installed, place the box and fasten it with the screws that tare the pack. And you will have a new plug.

It is totally simple, as you may have noticed. They just have to lay the wiring perfectly for it to work perfectly. They must be careful when the electricity comes back because if it is not properly connected, sparks can jump and even in the worst case, cause a short circuit. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult electrical experts.

Do not forget to check if the contracted power is sufficient. Many families have had to increase their contracted power because they have many electrical appliances in the house. It is essential to have the necessary power.